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85 Years of Excellence in Transportation

Welcome to R.B. Rudy Inc, a family-owned and operated transportation company with a rich legacy spanning 85 years. Our journey began in 1938 when our beloved grandfather, Richard B. Rudy, embarked on a humble milk-hauling venture in Frederick, Maryland. What started as a small family endeavor has grown into a thriving enterprise that has weathered the test of time and generations.

A Proud Legacy

In the 70s, the second generation of the Rudy family, Kenneth Rudy, Gary Rudy, and Dick Rudy, took the reins as Richard B. Rudy retired. They continued the family's tradition of hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Today, we stand proud as we transition into the capable hands of the third generation, with Jason Rudy and Richard Travis Rudy leading the way.

Richard B Rudy.jpeg

Richard B. Rudy


Specializing in bulk food-grade transportation, Richard B. Rudy, Inc is dedicated to providing its customers’ with the highest quality service in the industry. Current bulk tank truck items consist of liquid sugars, sweeteners, vinegars, and other liquid food-grade items. Our dry van division is dedicated to handling various time sensitive finished food grade products. All tank trailers are strictly dedicated to a specific product type in order to conform to all industry standards.  We are a member of the Orthodox Union, holding a Kosher Certification for all tank trailers as well as our food-grade tank wash facility. Our tank wash facility consists of three bays for internal tank cleaning procedures, which is approved and certified by all major suppliers and manufacturers on an annual basis consistently receiving excellent ratings.

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